You might remember this Kia KCV III concept from the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, and if Mr. Peter Butterfield, president/CEO of Kia Motors America gets his way, a version of this roadster might just show up on U.S. roads.

It seems Mr. Butterfield has been watching the overwhelming success of the Solstice, and wants desperately for Kia to get in the game with its own sporty sub-$20K roadster. While no such vehicle has been approved yet, it certainly has not stopped him from talking to WardsAuto about it…which is where it gets interesting. In an interview with WardsAuto, PB (sorry, couldn't resist) indicated the car would be VERY stripped — manual top, no radio, no carpet, and maybe not even windows. HUH? No radio and no window? Now, THAT is taking the term "stripped" to a new level. 

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