Suzuki will not be ignored.

At the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, Suzuki will unveil a funky minivan (never thought I'd use those two words in the same sentence) called P.X.

Designed for mid-aged Japanese men tired of the routines of everyday life (ever see that movie "Shall we dance?" — no, not the Hollywood knock-off with J. Lo, the Japanese original), P.X 's Bauhaus inspired exterior styling is retro-futurism applied to the classic Airstream trailer, and its interior is equally cool, with retro styling cues abound wrapped in white leather and blue electroluminescent lighting. And yes, those are 20 in. rims on this minivan — or shall we say, G-G-G-G-G-G-GEEE-WAGON.

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suzuki px

suzuki px3

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