OK. No more beating around the bushes. It's official. ToMoCo has confirmed those 500+ horses in the Lexus LF-A supercar will come from a V10. When the concept debuted in January's Detroit show, Lexus was very secretive about what type of engine will power the 200+ mph supercar, only going as far as saying it will be an engine "with fewer than 5.0 liters". Now, 10 months later, Lexus confirmed that the LF-A will be powered by a front-mounted V10 and will be rear-drive. It's likely Honda's announcement of its V10 powered next-gen NSX influenced Toyota's decision to green-light the V10 for the LF-A, or perhaps it was due to Nissan's 2007 GT-R plans…who cares, just let the Japanese supercar war begin.

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