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Blipshift's 2022 'Apex Everything Sale' starts right now!

The brand just dropped 24 new and updated designs

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Blipshift is back with yet another "Apex Everything Sale!" It starts right now and runs until April 4 at 11:59 p.m. ET. If you've somehow managed to avoid Blipshift until now, allow us to give you the rundown. The brand offers limited-run, car-based T-shirt designs, and Autoblog has been collaborating with and fawning over them for years. We're always impressed with the designs offered by the quippiest brand in automotive-inspired apparel, and this sale is no different. In addition to tees, you'll also find things like coffee mugs, wall art, and even onesies. Check out some of our favorite designs from the April Fool's Day event below, or see all of the new limited-time tees right here

Cone-Sequences IV - $17

Setting up some traffic cones in a parking lot and getting some driving practice in is all fun and games until one of the poor orange markers gets clipped by a tire. No one ever thinks of how the cones must feel being constantly put in harm's way, so Blipshift decided to give the little guys their due respect by putting a few on this adorable (and tragic) tee design.

The British Job II - $17

For fans of Italian Jobs and British Cars, we present to you: The British Job. These three Minis look great zipping away from an undoubtedly thrilling and successful bank heist, and although we don't support heisting gold, we do support excellent British engineering. 

It'll Make It II - $17

This is one of those designs that's so universal, every driver in the world can likely relate. We've all heard variations of this phrase when our car is telling us it's on empty but we know we can squeeze a few more miles out of it before hitting the gas station. "It'll make it" or "I know my car" or "It's fine" have all been uttered by even the most cautious of drivers. If you're an "always driving on E" kind of person, this shirt is definitely for you.

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