Jeep Grand Wagoneer Luggage Test | How much space behind 3rd row?

The specs says it has best-in-class cargo space. What do our bags say?

The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is big. Its Jeep styling hides that size a bit better than the GM and Ford trucks that are proportioned more similarly to their full-size truck cousins, but this sucker is still nearly 18 feet long. It's 4 inches longer than a Tahoe/Escalade and Expedition/Navigator (but falls well short of their respective Suburban-sized models). That extra length is fully on display in this test, and happily, can actually be appreciated by those who buy this enormous new Jeep.

Note that this test applies to both the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer since the "grand" bit applies to its fanciness rather than a difference in size. As such, the specs say they both have 27.4 cubic-feet of cargo space behind the raised third row. Theoretically, that's a 1.9-cubic-foot advantage over the Tahoe and a more significant 8.1-cubic-foot difference over the Expedition. However, in their luggage tests, I discovered that the Tahoe's real-world advantage is much smaller. This test with the Grand Wagoneer would once again point in the direction of GM's real-world capacity being closer to Ford's and Jeep offering the sort of extra capacity the specs indicate.

The third-row reclines, so per usual, I set it at an angle I'd feel comfortable sitting for an extended period of time. And I tell you, I literally could in the Grand Wagoneer third-row as it's legitimately spacious and comfortable, even for someone 6-foot-3. Perhaps even more so than the Expedition/Navigator. But that's a tale for another day. 

As in every luggage test I do, I use two midsize roller suitcases that would need to be checked in at the airport (26 inches long, 16 wide, 11 deep), two roll-aboard suitcases that just barely fit in the overhead (24L x 15W x 10D), and one smaller roll-aboard that fits easily (23L x 15W x 10D). I also include my wife's fancy overnight bag just to spruce things up a bit (21L x 12W x 12D).

Bam, that was easy. All the bags fit. This is the first SUV I've tested, including crossovers, that could swallow all six bags behind their raised third rows. The Expedition left one of the biggest bags behind, while the Tahoe would've left the fancy bag behind unless I jammed everything up to the ceiling. 

The difference for the Grand Wagoneer really comes down to that extra length. In both the Ford and GM SUVs, my biggest bag goes right up against the liftgate. In the Jeep, note how much space there is between the biggest bag (lower right) and where the carpet meets the scuff plate. Also note that I could stack the other large bag and one of the medium bags on their side width-wise. No way that's happening in either the Ford or GM. There's also no shortage of height available, as even with the fancy bag loaded on top, it was still further away from the ceiling than it was in the Expedition, and maintained rear visibility. Remember, I do not load bags to the roof for the sake of visibility, bags flying into the cabin and, at this point, consistency. You're free to do so. 

So there you have it. Obviously, a Suburban or Navigator L would have more room than this, but besides those extended-length models, I feel confident in declaring that the Jeep Grand Wagoneer (and Wagoneer) has the most space behind the third row of any other SUV. You can fit seven people inside and should have enough room for their stuff. 

Now, a few other cargo-related items.

The seats raise and lower by touching these buttons once. It's a nice feature, especially given how much of a reach you'd have to the third row if you had to pull it up manually. 


Now for something not so good. The power liftgate button is inside rather than on the liftgate itself. This means it can be covered up with bags, as it was during this test, or you end up fumbling around for it in the dark.

Or worse ...

You once again clonk your head on the damn liftgate that doesn't raise up as high as most other SUVs. Yes, even with the height-adjustment function. I'm tall, but it's typically not this bad. Ouch. 

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