Jeep expert Quadratec launches Stallion 4x4 brand to modify the Ford Bronco

The rivalry continues in the aftermarket

Quadratec, one of the world's best-known manufacturers of aftermarket parts for Jeep vehicles, is turning its attention to the born-again Ford Bronco. It announced a new division named Stallion 4x4 that aims to provide enthusiasts with a trove of Bronco-related resources and parts.

While the company hasn't published its first catalog yet, it released an image of a heavily-modified four-door Bronco that previews what it has in store. The SUV is fitted with massive tires, a lift kit, a redesigned front bumper, and new-look doors. The first-generation Wrangler-based YJL unveiled earlier in 2021 also showcases what Quadratec is capable of; Stallion 4x4 should inherit all of this knowledge.

It sounds like some of Stallion 4x4's parts and accessories will be designed in-house; others will be developed by third-party companies. And, what hasn't been revealed yet is which generation(s) of the Bronco the brand will focus on. Quadratec sells anything from a choke cable for a 1946 CJ to a transmission oil cooler for a 2022 Wrangler; we're hoping Stallion takes a similarly broad approach to serving the Bronco community. More details (and, hopefully, a parts catalog) will be published soon; we're told the store is "on the horizon."

Stallion 4x4 will need to fend off competition from a growing list of companies that want to capitalize on the hype surrounding the Bronco — and from Ford itself. Executives knew there would be an immense amount of demand for customization options so they went to great lengths to launch the truck with hundreds of factory-developed or factory-authorized accessories, including tents and full-body skid plates.

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