Chevrolet recalls 30 Camaros due to emblem projectile risk

A rarity, but somehow Chevy traced these cars across 4-plus years of production

Chevrolet issued a small but important safety recall that applies to 30 units of the Camaro. Its engineers discovered a defect that can cause the plastic emblem on the steering wheel to fly into the driver's face as the airbag deploys.

Documents sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explain only 30 cars built between June 15, 2016, and January 4, 2021, are included in the recall. Chevrolet used its own records and part trace data to identify the vehicles fitted with a potentially defective part and avoid a much larger (and costlier) recall. There's no word on whether the issue is limited to specific trim levels, body styles, or engine types.

The firm explained the "Camaro" emblem on the driver's airbag cover (which is on the steering wheel) was made with improperly molded plastic material. It can come loose from the cover as the airbag inflates and potentially end its trajectory on the driver's face, which increases the risk of an injury. Chevrolet is not aware of any injuries caused by the defect, however, and it hasn't received complaints about the problem from customers. It announced the recall after one of its safety engineers spotted the problem during a routine cold-weather test carried out in January 2021.

Chevrolet will begin contacting owners of affected cars on May 10 2021. They'll need to take their Camaro to an authorized service center, where a technician will replace the driver's airbag module free of charge.

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