Lexus previews the concept car that illustrates its new brand vision

It opens a new chapter in the company's history

Lexus will start writing the next chapter in its 32-year history when it unveils a mysterious concept car in spring 2021. It hasn't revealed the design study's name yet, but it explained the model will show what's coming.

Koji Sato, the company's president and chief branding officer, noted that the concept "illustrates our intentions for the future, and marks the beginning of the next generation of Lexus." He stopped short of providing additional details, but the company's plans for the future are fairly easy to decipher. Lexus isn't going to start making rifles, lawn mowers, or garage flooring; it's very likely going to electrify its range while reinventing its design language for the 2020s and adding more technology — including advanced semi-automated systems — to its cars.

The dark preview image released by Lexus shows the concept car's rear end. We see a relatively low roof accented by a fin, a sculpted rear bumper that's much wider than the greenhouse, and the company's name written in a new font. While the photo asks more questions than it answers, we know that we're not looking at the electric crossover that the Toyota-owned company hinted at in December 2020 because the proportions don't match. And, we highly doubt it's the rugged, body-on-frame off-roader that's allegedly also in the works.

We'll have to be patient to find out whether Lexus is planning to move away from the spindle-shaped grille that has characterized its cars for nearly a decade. Geneva's annual auto show was canceled for the second year in a row, but it should have opened its doors to the public and the press in early March 2021. Odds are the Lexus concept's online unveiling will coincide with (or at least fall very close to) the axed show's dates.

Sato confirmed that Lexus will release a new car in 2021, though he didn't specify if it's related to the concept, or if it's merely inspired by it. He pledged to continue rolling out new additions to the range through 2022.

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