Mazda MX-30 coming to the U.S. in electric and rotary forms

Exactly when is still unknown

Mazda MX-30
Mazda MX-30 / Image Credit: Mazda
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Ever since Mazda revealed its first electric car, the MX-30, and especially after it it announced there would be a range-extended version using a rotary engine, we've had one question: will it come to America? And as you probably noticed in the headline, we finally know that the answer is yes. We're also getting both the electric and rotary versions.

The decision was broken by The Detroit Bureau, and spotted by Motor1, in an interview with Mazda North America's president. He confirmed the MX-30's American introduction, and it will eventually be accompanied by a North American-specific hybrid using Toyota technology and built at the new factory in Alabama. The large rear-drive platform that Mazda has been developing will also yield a plug-in hybrid and other electrified variants. We reached out to a Mazda representative who confirmed that the MX-30 EV and rotary plug-in series hybrid would come here.

What neither the Mazda president nor the representative could comment on yet was when any MX-30 version would be offered in the U.S. The EV version is slated to go on sale in Japan this month, and in Europe a few months later. Japan already has access to a mild-hybrid version with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine. The company has previously said it wants to have the rotary model ready for release in Japan in 2022. So we certainly wouldn't expect to see it any sooner in the U.S. But it could be possible for Mazda to release a regular EV version a little earlier.

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