What would a BMW M4 coupe look like as a camper? Now we know

It's 2020, and we must overland all of the things

"What would the new BMW M4 coupe look like as a camper?" is a question you might not have asked yourself. Nonetheless, you now have your answer, courtesy of Los Angeles–based concept artist BradBuilds. It debuted on his Instagram page:

With Covid19 continuing to rage unchecked across the country, the camping craze shows no sign of abating, nor does the related fascination with overlanding. The M4 sport coupe-camper mashup, therefore, skillfully taps into the current zeitgeist. And looking at this rendering, with its lifted suspension, ultra-wide stance, and chunky all-terrain tires, we can hardly say that the whole notion clashes with the BMW's brutalist styling.

For those who persist in asking, Why? The answer is simple: Because 2020.

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