This BMW 850CSi is a one-of-a-kind purple, V12, manual masterpiece and sold for $143,000

It may be one of the best car and color combinations ever.

BMW 850CSi CarandBids front three quarter 1
BMW 850CSi CarandBids front three quarter 1 / Image Credit: Cars & Bids
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Update: The auction has ended on this purple BMW, and it went for a remarkable price: $143,000. The post has been updated to reflect this. Check out the car's details below.

Someone hide the checkbook, this could escalate quickly. Well that escalated quickly. We stumbled upon this listing on new auction site and, quite frankly, it could be the best car ever made. And we weren't the only ones to feel that way, since the car sold for $143,000. Seriously, we need to find the person who originally ordered this car and send them a bouquet of doughnuts. Or a box of flowers. Or something. Let's break this down. 

First, it's a 1995 BMW 8 Series, which is a pretty neat car. Even a crappy one will turn heads.

Second, it's an 850CSi, which means it has the V12. Those are quite clearly always awesome, and this one has 372 horsepower and 402 pound-feet of torque.

Third, it has a manual transmission. With a V12. Bouncing up and down yet? Clapping your hands together excitedly? Drool pooling on your desk?

Well, grab a mop, because fourth: it's purple. Specifically, Daytona Violet, which was a special-order BMW Individual color. And not only is Daytona Violet purple, which itself is always awesome, this is the only E31 8 Series in that color sold in the United States. 

And it gets rarer. Fourth: the interior is also purple, but tastefully broken up in a two-tone color combination of Daytona Violet with Lotus White. This is literally the only E31 anywhere ever in this color combination. 

And finally, its odometer is sitting just under 40,000 miles. What, were you expecting the previous owners to daily drive their custom-order, one-of-a-kind, manual V12 personal luxury sport coupe? 

So please, someone reading this, buy this car. Whoever bought this car, get in touch. We'd love to pop by, take a picture, bask in its aura, deliver your own bouquet of doughnuts. 

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