Toyota and Mazda invest another $830 million into Alabama crossover plant

We know Mazda plans to start building crossovers there next year

The joint-venture car factory Mazda and Toyota are building in Alabama just got more expensive. The two companies agreed to invest another $830 million into the factory, bringing total cost up from the initial $1.6 billion to about $2.3 billion. In their press release, the companies noted that the money is going to improve production processes and accommodations for design changes to vehicles built there.

The companies announced the factory back in January 2018. Both companies will build a crossover model. Details are scant, but we know they're both new models that haven't been announced or teased yet. Mazda's crossover will be a North American-specific model that should go into production in 2021. Toyota initially planned to build Corollas at the plant, but changed course to a crossover a little later.

The factory will be able to produce as many as 300,000 cars a year, divided equally between Mazda and Toyota for 150,000 apiece. The companies plan to hire around 4,000 people to work there, and 600 have already been hired. Applications for production jobs will be accepted later this year, and there aren't any mentions about major delays from the pandemic, so we expect Mazda's production targets haven't really changed.

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