Watch these 1963 Chevy trucks, including a box truck and a dump truck, off-roading in Baja

‘Chevrolet, olé!’

"Chevrolet, olé! We made the Baja run! / Toughest run, under the sun!

Chevrolet, olé!"

Chevrolet in 1963 drove its lineup of new trucks from Michigan to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and this wacky yet strangely compelling video is the result.

"New Chevrolet trucks for '63 / as driven tough as trucks can be!"

One special bit of awesomeness in this two-minute video is that nearly all the narration is rhyming verse.

"Production models set to go / from Michigan to Mexico!"

Six trucks set out from GM's proving grounds: a Suburban, two pickups, a tanker truck, a box truck, and a dump truck.

"This is Baja, where trails are roads / These are the trucks and their back-breaking loads!"

After we see a brief glimpse of a smiling border guard (aren't they all?), the trucks arrive in dusty Mexico.

"New light-duties with independent front suspension / coil springs tight with tension!"

We're thinking all new-vehicle information should be released as poems.

"Walk these trucks over a trail / where a truck cannot afford to fail."

If you've never seen off-roading footage of a box truck, a tanker truck, or a dump truck, this is your chance.

"Great new engines, lotsa hustle / diesel engines, long on muscle."

Shout-out for the in-cab shot of the driver double-clutching.

"New Chevrolet frames stand up to the ride / take constant pounding right in stride."

Marching-band music also adds a key element.

"Cabo San Lucas and we're halfway done / and we're pushing back to Michi-gun."

Apparently, there was no stopping for a dip in the pool and a few margaritas.

"Chevrolet, olé! We made the Baja run / Toughest run, under the sun.

Chevrolet, olé!"

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