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Goodyear is offering up some great deals for the month of July

Some of them expire on the holiday, so act fast!

Summer is in full swing and the retailers have started unveiling their best deals for the season. If you're in the market for some new tires or car maintenance, Goodyear has tons of great deals for the month of July that are well worth checking out.

$75 off instantly when you buy select set of 4 Goodyear or Dunlop tires at

It can't be said enough: When your tires are in need of a replacement, replace them. It can be dangerous to be driving around on tires without enough tread, so you should always make sure your tires have enough tread to be safely taking you from point A to point B. If you're unsure whether your tires are in bad enough shape to warrant a replacement, Autoblog contributor Stan Markuze has this great advice for quickly gauging how much life they may have left:

"Take a penny and place the edge into the groove of each tire. Insert the edge of the penny into the tread upside down, with the top of Abe's head going in first. If the top of his head is covered by tread, that means you still have an acceptable and safe amount of remaining tire life. Do this test at various points around the perimeter of the tire. If the top of Lincoln's head is visible at any point around the tire, it's time to go tire shopping."

If you do need some new tires, you can take advantage of this deal right here, but act fast since this deal expires on July 7th.

Buy a select set of 4 tires and get up to $200 back in a mail-in rebate when you use the Goodyear Credit Card at

Taking $75 off the price of four tires is definitely pretty nice, but if you can afford to wait a bit longer for a mail-in rebate, you can potentially bump that number up to $200. This deal requires the use of a Goodyear credit card, so please be smart about whether or not you should be opening up a new line of credit right now. But if that's no problem for you, then you can potentially save some big bucks here. Check out the deal by clicking right here

Save on an Oil Change! Get $10 off any oil change - Offer valid at Goodyear Auto Service or Just Tires only

Everyone knows how important it is to change your oil when it's needed, but for some reason, people still tend to put it off for way too long. Now, with many of our driving habits altered thanks to coronavirus, it's easier than ever to ignore the mileage counter on your dashboard and forget about when you're due for some new oil. Don't let that happen to you. Not changing your oil when its needed can seriously damage your car, and when it eventually stops running, you'll wish you just pulled into a service station to get the oil change. If you're in need of one now, you can make an appointment at a Goodyear Service Center and take $10 off any oil change before July 5th.

Road Ready Check - FREE at valid Goodyear Auto Service locations

What's better than getting a discount? Getting something for free. For the month of July, Goodyear is offering free Road Ready Checks at valid Goodyear Auto Service locations. What's a Road Ready Check? Basically, the mechanics at the Service station will check your tires, under-the-hood fluids, brakes, battery and cabin filter all for the low, low price of zero dollars. If you're worried you may be due for some maintenance, why not let the pros tell you what you might need (or might not)? Schedule an appointment here

Save 20% instantly on any air conditioning services. Offer valid at Goodyear Auto Service locations only

Many of us Autobloggers are in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan and boy, it has been getting hot around here. If the a/c in your car hasn't been working correctly lately, do yourself a favor and get it checked out. When it's 95°+ outside, rolling the windows down just doesn't cut it. You'll be much more comfortable with some cool air blowing through your cabin. If your a/c has been blowing hot lately, why not schedule an appointment at your nearest Goodyear Auto Service location and take 20% of any air conditioning services through the end of the month? You'll be glad you did. You can set up an appointment right here

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