Rimac’s bicycle unit launches Internet-connected Greyp G6 e-mountain bike

It can plot out your navigation and take a panoramic selfie for you

Greyp G6 e-mountain bike
Greyp G6 e-mountain bike
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When he isn’t working on electric supercars, Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac is working on electric-assist bicycles literally next door through his company Greyp (pronounced grape). The company just marked the launch of its U.S. sales operations late last month with an office in San Pedro, Calif., and it also has launched its first e-mountain bike.

It’s called the G6, and like Rimac’s cars, the bikes are highly technical, Internet-connected works of art, with bells and whistles aplenty. This is a bike that features built-in front and rear HD cameras for recording your rides, 4G connectivity, a WiFi module, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, over-the-air updates and a 36-volt, 700 watt-hour battery painted yellow to let you know the bike is (partly) powered by electricity. The battery is also swappable, meaning you can carry a spare in your backpack when riding in the back country. Pedal-assisted range is up to 60 miles.

U.S. versions are powered by a 250-watt electric motor made by Taiwanese manufacturer MPF. It assists up to 20 mph, according to New Atlas, or 28 mph in the top-of-the-line model, and adds 66 pound-feet of torque.

The G6 is also an eight-speed mountain bike with a carbon-fiber-reinforced composite frame, 27l5-inch wheels, a Rock Shox fork and rear suspension and two-piston Formula Cura brakes with an electronic sensor. There’s a built-in eSIM that runs whenever the bike does, so you can lock it remotely or track it down if it gets stolen, and there’s a heart rate-controlled power-assist mode via a wearable wrist strap. Connectivity is free through T-Mobile, whose logo features on the frame, until September 2022, and it works with both Android and iOS.

Greyp has been around since 2006 and has designed several ebikes of varying street legality, including the G12S, which is powered by a 12-kilowatt electric motor. Four models of the G6 are offered: G6.1 Bold FS, the G6.2 Expert FS, G6.3 Rebel FS and G6.X Limited. As you might imagine, they don't come cheap, starting at €6,499, or about $7,330.

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