Watch Ken Block teach his daughter, 13, how to drift in his Gymkhana Escort

Remember when your dad taught you how to drive stick?

Now this is adorable. It’s a video in which Ken Block, the head Hoonigan and Gymkhana master himself, tackles the time-tested rite of fatherhood that is teaching your child how to operate a stick. Only in this case, it’s to do doughnuts, which is normally something a teen does well away from their parents’ supervision well after they’ve mastered the art of operating a clutch. Also, there’s no yelling or anyone getting impatient.

It’s set at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which has partly re-opened for business, with Block and his 13-year-old daughter, Lia, in his 1978 MkII Ford Escort RS. Block says he taught her how to drive stick just three days before in a Ford Focus RS. That makes drifting in the Gymkhana car a challenge, since as he explains, “you’ve gotta drive it with a lot of RPM and a lot of throttle control.” Quite the task for a stick-shift newb.

Nevertheless, Lia handles it like a pro and proves a fast learner. Which probably should come as no surprise, since she’s a Block, after all, and we’re shown archival footage of her racing in a children’s drift Mustang, go-karts and utility terrain vehicles in competition at UMC.

If only the rest of us could’ve been so lucky when we were first learning.

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