Elon Musk lists 2 Bel Air homes for sale, announces birth of son

The baby's name, if we're to believe it, is X Æ A-12 Musk

It’s an eventful time in the life of Elon Musk, as the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has put two of his Bel Air homes on the market for a combined $39.5 million in the same week that he is celebrating the birth of his son with his partner, the pop singer Grimes, and qualifying for a $700 million payday from his electric car company.

Business Insider reports that Musk put two of his homes in the exclusive Los Angeles hamlet for sale on real estate website Zillow. One is a 16,251 square-foot home with seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms that Musk bought in 2013 for $17 million and is now listing for $30 million. Overlooking the Bel-Air Country Club, it also features a two-story library, theater, lighted tennis court, pool, wine cellar and five-car garage. The other home is right across the street. It totals a much more modest 2,756 square feet and offers five bedrooms, five baths, an oval pool, guest cottage and views of the golf course. The ranch-style home was formerly owned by the late actor Gene Wilder. Asking price is a cool $9.5 million.

The two listings come days after Musk said in a tweet on Friday that he was “selling almost all physical possessions.” Bloomberg reports that Musk owns a total of five homes in the neighborhood, all overlooking the Bel-Air Country Club.

Meanwhile, Musk and Grimes welcomed their first child together, Musk’s sixth, by apparently giving him the name X Æ A-12 Musk, which we assume/pray for the child’s sake is merely a hoax. Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, took to Twitter to break down the name’s meaning, if not its pronunciation.

Musk’s massive payout comes after Tesla’s market capitalization hit a six-month average of $100.2 billion and triggered the first of 12 tranches of options to purchase the company’s stock. It comes after Musk also tweeted on Friday that “Tesla stock is too high imo,” triggering a brief decline in the share price that nevertheless did not affect his payday bonanza. Yet while Tesla bucked industry trends by reporting a first-quarter profit, thanks in part to the launch of the Model Y crossover, it has had to temporarily furlough workers and idle production in response to the coronavirus outbreak because of government orders, which Musk has lambasted on Twitter.

Tesla, meanwhile, has instituted across-the-board pay cuts for hourly and salaried workers that are expected to remain in place until the end of the second quarter, according to Forbes.

Celebrities, they’re just like us.

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