2020 Tesla Model Y becomes Tesla's millionth car

It's a Performance trim with performance upgrade package

Tesla reached a major milestone this week with the production of its millionth car, a 2020 Tesla Model Y. Elon Musk shared the moment on his Twitter feed with photos of the car and a big group of Tesla employees.

Looking closely, it appears to be Performance trim model with the redundantly named Performance Upgrade package. That package includes a lowered suspension, increased top speed from 145 mph to 155 mph, 21-inch wheels and aluminum pedals. It also drops the range from 315 miles to 280 miles. Based on how this one is equipped, it should cost at least $62,990, barring any options that aren't visible from the photo.

Besides being the millionth car, this Model Y is also a signal that Tesla will make good on its plans to make deliveries the electric crossover this month. These early production Model Ys are the high-capacity battery Long-Range and Performance trims. The starting price for base Long-Range is $52,990. Less expensive, shorter-range versions will be offered, but the company won't begin deliveries of them until early next year.

Tesla Model Y Information

Tesla Model Y

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