5-year-old drives mom's car on a $3 quest to buy a Lamborghini

This is not the Journey Dodge intended

According to the Utah Highway Patrol and the Deseret News, a 5-year-old was pulled over on a Utah highway after erratic driving tipped off the police. The cops initially suspected a driver under the influence but were surprised to find a child, who said he was on a mission to drive to California and buy his dream car. 

North of Salt Lake City, a Dodge Journey was taken for a journey dangerous ride on Interstate 15 near Ogden, Utah, this week. Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street says the incident started when the boy allegedly got into an argument with his mother after she refused to buy him a Lamborghini. Rather than throwing a temper tantrum like every other 5-year-old, he hopped in his mom's crossover and set off to buy one by himself.  

He didn't get far. Roughly two miles from where the ride began, a patrol person witnessed the Journey making sweeping lane changes without signals and braking without warning. The boy did immediately pull over, however, when the cops flipped on their lights and sirens.

There are a lot of holes in this kid's plan, but the biggest might be the assumed payment. Police reported that the boy had only $3 on his person, which is slightly less than the price of any Lamborghini not made by Hot Wheels. 

The Deseret says this might not be the first time the boy has taken a joyride. Sounds like he's been watching too many viral YouTube videos.

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