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Like most of you, since I’m currently stuck inside for the time being, watching snowfall out my window well into spring, I’ve been daydreaming about past trips. A few years back I was on a dream outing. Former Autoblogger Alex Kierstein had just purchased a 1998 Toyota Tacoma and wanted to do some wheeling near his house, and we decided that I should get a Tacoma TRD Pro and together we would take forest roads through the state of Washington, hop over the border into Canada (through a proper border crossing, of course) and continue on to Banff National Park in Alberta. Now, the truck I was driving had the benefit of 20 years of engineering, so even though it was a bit larger than his Taco, I felt confident. The only thing that his had over mine was tires. 

Tires proved to be enough. More than once on that trip I had to turn on 4-hi while the brand new $45,000 Tacoma struggled to get up the muddy hills that his ‘98 Tacoma climbed comfortably in RWD. I had heard it before, but this trip really brought it home. Tires matter.

Since then I’ve made it a priority to make sure that the rubber on my vehicle was quality, especially when I might find myself in the middle of a forest in British Columbia. Luckily, a few different sites have tires on sale right now, and while you might not be doing much driving currently, it isn’t a bad idea to upgrade now before we’re all allowed to get out of the house and hit the road/track/trails. is currently running a whole bunch of specials, and if you were already thinking about buying tires that are included, why not save some money?

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