2020 Ford F-150s, Rangers, Expeditions recalled for rollaway risk

Affected trucks with 10-speed transmissions could roll away when parked

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch
2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch
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Ford announced a safety-related recall that applies to 55,158 examples of the Ranger, the F-150, and the Expedition registered in the United States. The vehicles included in the campaign could roll away when parked.

The company explained the clip that attaches the gear selector's cable to the automatic transmission might not be properly installed, so the driver could move the lever into park without actually engaging it. Those who don't use the parking brake might consequently end up finding their truck several yards away from where they parked it. Ford said this problem evidently increases the risk of crashes and injuries, though it's not aware of any. 

Only vehicles equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission are included in the recall. The list includes 2020 Rangers manufactured at the Michigan Assembly Plant between February 28 and March 18, 2020 F-150s made at the Dearborn Truck Plant between February 18 and March 19, F-150s that rolled out of the Kansas City Assembly Plant from February 21 to March 19, plus 2020 Expeditions configured with the optional police package and built at the Kentucky Truck Plant from March 3 to 19. Vehicles equipped with a rotary dial instead of a gear selector aren't affected by the recall, so it's relatively easy to tell if yours needs to be fixed.

Ford dealers will inspect the clip that attaches the cable to the transmission and install it properly if needed. This is a simple, straightforward operation that requires putting the truck on a lift but shouldn't take long. 

The campaign also includes 12,090 Rangers, F-150s, and Expeditions registered in Canada as well as 681 units of the three models sold new in Mexico. Ford assigned this recall the 20S18 reference number.

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