Listen to Lamborghini's 830-horsepower track special scream its heart out

The limited-edition model is right around the corner

Lamborghini's next V12-powered hypercar is around the corner, and there's a good chance you'll hear it coming before you see it. The company released a preview video that confirms its 12-cylinder sounds better than ever.

The 17-second clip shows the as-yet-unnamed model lapping a race track as part of its shakedown testing program. We can clearly hear the naturally aspirated, 6.5-liter V12 whirring away as it approaches its redline. It's an evolution of the engine found in the mighty Aventador S, among other cars, but it's tuned to deliver 830 horsepower. As to the transmission it's paired with, your guess is as good as ours, but we wouldn't expect the manual gearbox to make a glorious comeback.

Lamborghini's in-house design center, Centro Stile, and its triumphant racing division, Squadra Corse, joined forces to create the model. Developed exclusively for track use, it's decked out with numerous vents, wings, and scoops. The video suggests the widespread use of composite materials like carbon fiber keeps weight in check; we notably spot it on the massive rear diffuser and on the equally large spoiler. Odds are it's all over the interior, too.

The company has pointed out the front sub-frame is manufactured from aluminum, and that an innovative self-locking-type differential makes the car more drivable as it approaches its limits. Center-locking wheels wrapped by sticky Pirelli tires are part of the package, too.

The video does a formidable job of hiding the car's overall lines. It looks like the driver enters the cabin via a scissor door, which suggests the model is Aventador-sized (or, like rumors claim, Aventador-based). Alternatively, it might be a preview of the Aventador's replacement, which is due out in the early 2020s with hybrid power. What's certain is that it wears a low-slung design; it's no minivan, though Lamborghini has made one before.

Lamborghini will release additional information in the coming months, and the car's full unveiling is scheduled to take place this summer. It's a limited-edition model, and while there's no word yet on how many examples will be built, it's reasonable to assume they'll all be spoken for by the time we see it.

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