What would you drive from Seattle to New York?

Your flight's been cancelled, you have to drive, you can take any car ever. Choose!

Yesterday on Twitter, I posed a car question to the world. You know, because what else do we have to do?


It unleashed a wave of great answers from folks, who thankfully posted pictures. Not surprisingly, powerful and luxurious cars were the most popular, with Mercedes-Benz in particular soliciting many a vote (including from yours truly). Porsche also came up a lot as did the Bentley Continental. Weirdly, no one chose a Prius. But the fuel economy! And the noise!

So let's keep this ball rolling and let us know your own choice in the comments (or, I guess, on Twitter @jriswick).   

Let's take a look at some of the best answers thus far. 


My own choice. Well, the first one at least. This would be a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, and specifically, the one that served as a long-term test car when I worked for Edmunds.com. I put thousands of miles on that car, driving from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, and later from L.A. to Crater Lake and Bend, Ore. It was that latter trip that ultimately led me to move to Oregon. The CL65 checks off all the road trip boxes: supremely powerful (twin-turbo V12), indulgently comfortable (Active Body Control air suspension), and all the convenience and entertainment options I need. Of course, that V12 and the ABC system would require thousands of dollars of maintenance during its time as a long-term car, but not a damn thing broke when I drove her. She liked me. Everyone else was the problem. 


Another great Benz choice. Considerably older, definitely slower, possibly more reliable. 

And now from his cameo in Ronin, it's former Autoblog editor Alex Kierstein.


That would be a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9. Also a V12. Yay.

OK, and now for something completely different ... 


By far the most popular response, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Cue Lindsey Buckingham. As Justin Cecil commented on Twitter, "You think you hate it now, wait till you drive it."


Note for the future: pictures of giant luxury barges from the '70s will always result in my approval. 


Probably not surprising for a guy who goes by the handle HondaPro Jason. 


Well, at least I no longer have the most unreliable choice.


Something tells me putting 3,000-ish miles on this probably won't hurt its value too bad. May want to put a bra on the nose, though.


Not the only person who suggested an NSX. I've taken a road trip in that car ... not a bad choice at all. Plenty of room, pretty comfortable, less likely to break down than a lot of the other classics on here.


Big points for this one. Plus, we already know you don't need to risk going inside somewhere for a pee break. 


Definitely one of the most interesting answers. I dig it.

But, now a word from Motor1 senior editor Jeff Perez ...


And now a concurring voice.


The V90 is personally one of my favorite cars around, though the Cross Country has a better ride. 

However, now a counterpoint ...


Alrighty. Generally, though, I'd say most people went the fast-and-powerful route. Again, most were Mercedes. I mean A LOT of people picked Benzes,  including a few nods to the always popular brick-on-wheels W140's. 


And, um, this guy. Whatever floats your Benz boat.


But there were non-Benz choices as well, including from Autoblog's very own Jeremy Korzeniewski.


Another Autoblog vote came from Road Test Editor Zac Palmer ...


News Editor Joel Stocksdale re-affirmed that choice. I also admitted that yeah, I'd probably have to take what is basically my favorite car at the moment: the Lexus LC 500

Now, a few other favorites.





This guy chose both a Chevette to drive 3,000 miles across the country and Captain Jonathan Archer as his Twitter avatar. He should be put on some sort of watch list.

And now, the "Roads, we don't need no stinkin' roads people" ...




And finally, at least for now, a shout out for all the great many who suggested various Porsches.


OK, now I need to get back to work. Keep'em coming. 

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