Lowered widebody 2020 Corvette C8 is just a matter of time

Inspired by the C8.R race car

Streethunter Chevrolet Corvette C8 Widebody 1
Streethunter Chevrolet Corvette C8 Widebody 1
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Production of the mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 only started on February 3, but dreamers have been imagining customizations, mods and hacks since the day it was introduced in 2019. Aside from adding wheels and spoilers, body kits are always some of the first redesigned looks for a new car, and the C8 is no exception. New images and video footage show a rendered preview of YouTuber TJ Hunt's vision for a lowered widebody 2020 Corvette.

We're not positive of the official capacities to which he is involved, but Hunt has expanded his work beyond YouTube to his clothing company, as well as helping to create custom projects such as body kits for sports cars. In collaboration with Street Fighter LA, a design, engineering, and manufacturing firm that specializes in body kits, Hunt is promoting a company called Street Hunter Designs (not to be confused with well-known auto publication SpeedHunters). 

Street Hunter Designs' first project was a body kit for the new Toyota Supra. A full carbon-fiber body kit, which includes a proper Supra-style wing, costs $7,830, or the carbon-fiber wing alone is $1,680. Both can also be purchased in the form of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) for hundreds less. For now, that's the only car product available from Street Hunter Designs, but a C8 body kit will soon be added to the portfolio.

As noted by DUB, Automotive artist and designer Jon Sibal designed both the Supra and the new C8 for Speed Hunter Designs. According to his Instagram post, he took heavy inspiration from the C8.R race car, which has its own unique widebody shape, as well as TJ Hunt's Ferrari 458 GT3. 

Contrary to some body kits that completely alter the look of the vehicle, Sibal's rendering integrates well and doesn't shift the overall design of the car. The C8 already has a ton of character lines, sharp edges and creases, so it could easily be overdone, but the fenders build on what already existed and blend nicely. The HRE Wheels are a nice touch, too.

For now, these are just computer images, but with the Supra as proof of work, it seems this bodykit is an inevitability. Look for real photos of a the real body kit later this year.

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