2020 Honda Civic Type R gets data-logging phone app

It's called LogR, get it?

The 2020 Honda Civic Type R gets a number of updates over the previous model, plus a wild special edition, but one that Honda just announced is actually for your phone. The company is launching a phone app called LogR that will record vehicle data when you're at a track.

The app connects with the car's on-board computer to display and record various, well, data. The most basic function is as an auxiliary instrument panel displayed on the infotainment screen. It can show oil, water and intake temperatures, oil and boost pressure, and lateral and longitudinal g forces.

Then there's the lap time function that lets you pick a start and finish point based on your car's GPS and will automatically record laps. Besides the time, it will keep track of your throttle, braking and steering inputs through the lap and even show the course. These laps can even be replayed on your phone.

There's also a function that will rate you on those different driver inputs. The idea is that higher scores come from smoother, and presumably faster, driving.

The app will launch in spring, and it will be available for iOS and Android. The app only works with the 2020 Honda Civic Type R.

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