Super Cruise will feature in 22 GM nameplates by 2023

The next-gen version comes to the Cadillac CT4, CT5 and Escalade later this year

Super Cruise, the semi-autonomous hands-free driving technology that first appeared on the 2018 Cadillac CT6, was always intended to broaden out to more GM models, especially now that CT6 production has ended, but now we have specific numbers. Automotive News reports that GM will have it on 22 nameplates by 2023.

GM President Mark Reuss spilled the beans to investors at the company’s Capital Markets Day presentation, saying that Super Cruise will start appearing in brands beyond Cadillac in 2021. GM just last week announced the first big update for its driver-assist technology late last month, saying it would be coming to the 2021 CT5, CT4 and Escalade full-size SUV, all of which should debut later this year. Next year we’ll see it offered as an option on seven more nameplates, then a dozen more in 2022 and 2023, Reuss said.

The next generation of the technology will come with a new feature called “Lane Change on Demand,” which will allow the driver to activate or tap the turn signal and the car to do a hands-free lane change if it’s safe to do so, and so long as the driver monitor system can tell the driver is paying attention. It’s also said to feature improved performance and hands-free dynamics, a better user interface and software tweaks, among other upgrades.

Super Cruise uses a camera and infrared light to detect whether the driver is paying attention, plus radar, cameras and lidar mapping to center the vehicle in a highway lane and drive in hands-free mode in optimal scenarios. There’s no immediate word on whether the upcoming next-generation version will also come with an expanded network of compatible highways beyond the 200,000 miles where the technology is currently capable of being deployed.

Autoblog named Super Cruise the 2019 Technology of the Year winner.

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