BMW M2 CS Racing makes North American debut

It will be eligible for the 2021 TC America series

BMW M2 CS Racing
  • BMW M2 CS Racing
  • Image Credit: BMW
  • BMW M2 CS Racing
  • BMW M2 CS Racing
  • BMW M2 CS Racing
  • BMW M2 CS Racing

Besides bringing home a class win at the Rolex 24, BMW also brought out one of its latest race cars that will be lapping circuits in America next year. It's the BMW M2 CS Racing, which will be the successor to the M235i Racing and M240i Racing that compete in the TC America series.

The car is closely based on the road-going M2 CS, featuring a very similar body, down to the carbon fiber roof, but with aerodynamic aids including a rear wing and splitters. Under the hood is again a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six, but for TC America, it makes less than the 444 horsepower of the street M2 CS. Power ranges between 280 horsepower and 365 horsepower depending on Balance of Performance adjustments for each race. Torque is the same as stock at 406 pound-feet. For customers who are planning on racing in different club series, BMW will offer a version of the M2 CS Racing that makes 450 horsepower.

Coupled to the engine is a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends power rearward. At the back is a mechanical limited-slip differential that has its own cooling system. The car also comes with a full complement of adjustable suspension components, stronger brakes, a roll cage and other safety features.

Pricing has not been announced for the U.S., but the European price is 95,000 Euros, or about $105,000 at current exchange rates. The cars will be available to teams in time for the 2021 TC America season. The car will compete in the TC class between the lower TCA class and higher TCR class. Its competitors in this class include the new Honda Civic Type R TC, as well as the Nissan 370Z and Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

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