Why settle for a Cybunker when you can have a Cyberhouse?

7,500-sq-ft house designed for living well after the Apocalypse

Expanding the Tesla Cybertruck aesthetic to architecture, New York-based Lars Büro design created the Cybunker as a spontaneous exercise. Once uploaded to the web, the 1,800-square foot storage depot and accessory dwelling unit found enough fans to convince the designer to begin engineering studies, with cost and build details said to come in early 2020. Seems the same thing happened in Russia, only on a larger scale: St. Petersburg design firm Modern House sent Motor1 its plans for what it calls the Cyberhouse. At 3,230 square feet of living space, the freestanding unit nearly doubles the size of the Cybunker. Furthermore, the Russians went all-in on the Cybertruck's "Blade Runner" themes, including features to protect occupants from "extreme situations [from a] zombie apocalypse to nuclear threat."

Modern House says the Cyberhouse needs 16,727 square feet of land, a little more than one-third of an acre, even though the outer shell takes up just 7,500 square feet. That shell is formed of concrete slabs sheathed in heavy-duty steel. The doors act as airlocks, the armored windows are protected by fixed shutters and steel gates that raise and lower like a drawbridge. The living space within the inner concrete core occupies two levels, fit for up to seven occupants. The video doesn't tour the interior areas, and we don't know how much of the floorplan's open areas can be protected from outside influence. There is, though, a space in the lower atrium made for a Cybertruck, complete with an elevator to lower the pickup into subterranean safety.   

As with the Cybunker, there's a chance Cyberhouse will make the journey from Internet fancy to real life. Modern House's head architect said, "The project was conceived as an architectural game, but, surprisingly, we have already received the first proposals." At the moment, pricing begins at $865,000 "in basic configuration."

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