Cybunker is the perfect Martian base for a Cybertruck and its cybernauts

Self-contained 'Accessory Dwelling Unit' fits two Teslas and an airlock

Lars Buro Cybunker
Lars Buro Cybunker
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Is it possible the Tesla Cybertruck will do more to usher in the overdue age of omniscient, omnipresent technology than the "Jetsons" or 70 years of art and newsreels from The Vault of the Atomic Space Age? The debut happened less than a month ago, and already we have the first Cybertruck-inspired structure. The Cybunker, designed by New York-based Lars Büro, would be appropriate landscape furniture in present-day Venice Beach, the first colony on Mars, or the multi-millennial future-world horror of the next "Prometheus" installment. Akin to its pickup truck muse, the simple, angular Cybunker is a monocoque structure fashioned from steel with cutouts for armored glass windows. The roof is covered in photovoltaic cells for gathering solar energy. Controlling the atmosphere inside the Cybunker is done through the "infrastructural motherboard" — effectively a small closet containing computers and life support machinery like pumps and a cistern.

The wall and roof sections at the narrow end both open onto the primary ground area, a 600-square-foot space for equipment and vehicles. Unlike the typical home garage, this one can swallow a Cybertruck easily. The designers say the bunker's final build will "withstand the toughest environmental conditions," and if those conditions involve a harmful atmosphere or no atmosphere at all, the depot area can be walled off as an airlock. The remaining 1,200 square feet, on two levels, can be laid out to fulfill the owner's wishes for use, such as for storage, as a shelter or an apartment, or a remote base at Valles Marineris for the Curiosity Rover.

It seems that Büro put a rendering on the Internet perhaps as a thought experiment, and reaction has been promising enough that the company now says it is in the engineering stage for the "hi-tech depot" slash "Accessory Dwelling Unit." The firm is taking inquiries now, and Information on pricing and availability should potentially ready in early 2020.

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