Lamborghini has built more Huracans in 5 years than it did Gallardos in 10

The number to beat was 14,022

Production numbers can be pointless without some sort of context that validates the information. For instance, 14,022 cars built in five years sounds like nothing, but when it's added that those 14,022 units are Lamborghini Huracans, it's more impressive. That specific number is significant because it matches the number of Lamborghini Gallardos produced during its 10-year run, even though the Huracan has only existed for 5 years.

Lamborghini has been doing extremely well as of late. Year-over-year sales rose for the eighth consecutive year in 2018, and the Urus SUV is bringing in gobs of new customers. Reportedly, the company might even cap its production for 2020 at 8,000 units in order to maintain a certain level of exclusivity. At the core of the company's identity is the V10-powered Huracan. In the first half of 2019, the Huracan accounted for roughly 26 percent of the 4,553 cars sold, a number that represents a 96-percent increase compared to the same time period in 2018.

Since it first debuted as a coupe for 2014, the Huracan line has expanded quite a bit with numerous different styles and performance levels. There's the rear-wheel drive model, the Performante, the EVO, and Spyder variants. The 14,022nd car built is a Huracan EVO coupe wearing a Grigio Titans paint scheme, and it's headed to a customer in Korea.

There's no reason to believe Lamborghini demand will slow. The Urus has quickly become a cash-cow in a crossover-hungry market, and the possibility of an electric 2+2 as a fourth model could boost the brand even more.

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