Electrify America now sells Level 2 charger for the home

It's $499 on Amazon

Electrify America has been busy building out its non-proprietary electric vehicle public charging network, and now the VW subsidiary is taking things to the home with its first offering for private customers. As of this week, Electrify America is selling Level 2 EV chargers, capable of charging at up to 7.6 kW, at a cost of $499.

LED lighting on the charger will flash blue to let you know it’s charging your vehicle, and it’ll dim when you walk away to conserve energy. The lighting will shine green when your vehicle is completely charged. Electrify America says the unit is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity in order to provide you with charging data through a new home charging section of the company’s mobile app.

The Electrify America home charger can be installed indoors or outdoors, and includes a 24-foot-long charging cable. If you’ve already got a 240-volt outlet, you can plug the charger into that, and mount it to your wall, or you can get an electrician to install a hardwired version if you don’t have that type of outlet handy. The charger comes with a three-year warranty.

Interestingly — and like Audi offers for its E-Tron and Kia does for its EVs — Electrify America is selling the home charger on Amazon. While the aforementioned automakers also use Amazon to book installation, Electrify America says it will use Qmerit to connect customers with local, authorized installers.

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