Tetris Challenge helps emergency and military workers show off gear

The results look like toy kits

The viral #tetrischallenge is an organized version of flat-lay photography that captures first responders, military workers, or any other participants posing with their rides and their gear. The photos are taken from above, and the gear is typically neatly organized in a rectangular manner like the blocks in the classic video game. 

It's nearly impossible to trace a social moment, but The Washington Post sources KnowYourMeme.com, which says a similar idea was first tweeted by the New Zealand Police Department in November 2018. It didn't pop off, however, until recently, when first responders in Switzerland posted a similarly styled photo, and it went viral. Once the image was floating around the internet, organizations from around the globe posted their own versions. 

As do all social experiments, the Tetris Challenge brought out a wide array of participants. Some understood the joke and displayed an assortment of equipment in perfectly straight order. Others didn't quite catch on and simply posted a bunch of stuff and took a picture, regardless of the size, shape or organization.

Take a look at a few of the examples below and head to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more.

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