A Mazda Miata with a Hellcat V8 exists, and it can be yours

It will be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas

Mazda Miatas with V8 swaps aren't unusual. Kits are available to drop in LS V8s from GM, and some even let you drop in an old Ford 5.0-liter V8. But a Miata with a Hellcat V8 is something special, and this one can be yours. As Automobile spotted, it will go across the block at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction.

This particular 1999 Miata has a build history you can check out for yourself, too. It was all chronicled on YouTube channel KARR. Obviously the Hellcat engine does fit between the wheels, but the hood had to be cut open for the intake manifold and supercharger to fit. The front bumper and lights have been changed to the 2001+ NB Miata design.

According to the listing, it has suspension components from V8 Roadsters, a company that specializes in Miatas with twice the normal number of cylinders. In the middle of the car is a manual transmission, which connects to a Ford 8.8-inch differential that's been welded up. With that much power and an essentially locked rear diff, it should make for an excellent drift car. Fortunately it also has 10-inch wide wheels for more grip, and upgraded Wilwood brakes to stop it.

It will go for auction at Barrett-Jackson's Las Vegas event, which runs Oct. 3-5. There is no estimated price for the car, which is understandable since nothing like it has crossed the block before. It will go to a new owner, whatever the price, as it is being listed as "no reserve." So if you want to win burnout contests or get loads of stares at next year's Woodward Dream Cruise, you could do a lot worse than picking up this tiny monster.

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