Flyin' Miata's 525-hp V8-powered ND finally hits the streets

How much power is too much power?

Flyin' Miata, in its valiant quest to turn Mazda's roadsters into small, Japanese Corvettes, has finally finished its first V8-powered ND Miata. The company has been slowly teasing us with images and videos for months, but it wasn't until this week that the car finally made it to the streets.

As soon as the current ND generation Miata was released, Flyin' Miata started the work to shoehorn a GM LS3 under the hood. The company has a history of building brutish, V8-powered Miatas. It sells everything from minor parts to full V8 conversion kits. For those with the cash that prefer to avoid the hassle, Flyin' Miata will sell you a complete, turn-key car. The price hasn't been finalized, but customers should expect to pay about $50,000 plus the cost of the MX-5.

The new car has a worked-over LS3 that sends 525 horsepower to the rear wheels through a Tremec T56 transmission. Flyin' Miata says the rear differential comes from a V8 Camaro. Other new bits include exhaust, suspension, brakes, and a roll cage.

Flyin' Miata tells us that the V8-swapped ND will weigh 2,592 lbs, a little more than 200 lbs more than the porkiest stock Miata. Despite twice as many cylinders and more than three times the displacement of the stock four banger, the LS3 V8 is a relatively small and lightweight engine. The finished car has a 53:47 front to rear weight distribution.

Final touches are being finished, but cars and kits should be available soon.

This article has been updated with some info straight from Flyin' Miata. Thanks, Keith!

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