Thieves smash classic Mustang into store to steal PlayStations

The heist occurred in Greece

Thieves in Athens, Greece, have done something less than intelligible. According to reports from the Athens Voice, linked to by Driven, and Proto Thema, several miscreants used a restored 1967 Ford Mustang as a battering ram to gain entry to an electronics store. Once in, they reportedly stole PlayStation video game consoles and potentially other items.  

The car was said to be taken around midnight of Sept. 17. In total, approximately six people were involved and also had a second vehicle for moving any stolen goods. They reportedly crashed into the Media Markt a few hours later at around 4 a.m.

Whether the thieves purposely took the Mustang for a joy ride or simply grabbed any vehicle that was easy to steal is unknown, but it seems the car's main purpose was acting as a break-in tool. Unfortunately, they crashed a valuable classic car that had just been restored. 

The owner, Vasilis Hatzievthimi, had reportedly spent roughly 45,000 Euros, or about $50,000, fixing the car to pristine condition. Now, nearly every part of the exterior and some of the interior has been damaged. The owner also had a theory, which is translated with Google here, as to why his car was chosen:

"They prefer cars that are old because they have a powerful chassis," he told the Athens Voice. "They don't know about values, they just want something solid so that an entrance can be broken."

Hopefully he has good insurance. He'll need it.

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