JLR confirms next Jaguar XJ will be all-electric

It was teased during the Land Rover Defender reveal

Jaguar-Land Rover confirmed today what has long been rumored: the next-generation Jaguar XJ will be all-electric. On stage to introduce the new Land Rover Defender, company CEO Ralf Speth made the announcement as a teaser image of the new electric XJ's full-width taillight bar appeared on screens behind him. 

As quoted by AutoExpress, Speth said, "Based on our rich knowledge and experience gained from the I-Pace, Formula-E and I-Pace eTROPHY, our engineering team is in full swing to deliver the world's first, full-electric luxury sports saloon. The flagship of Jaguar: the all-new XJ."

He continued, "The new, all-electric XJ - extraordinarily remastered for the 21st century - will offer spiritual freedom for our customers ... Gliding in elegance, new tranquility and new functionality, and in full consciousness taking care of the environment."

Well, let's unpack that a bit, shall we? First, "the world's first, full-electric luxury sports saloon?" Even if you split hairs and deem the Tesla Model S a hatchback, there's a little thing called the Tesla Model 3. That's definitely a saloon, or as we in North America call it, a sedan. Unless he meant the North American definition of a saloon, in which case the Tesla is most definitely not that. 

Also, the new XJ will help customers achieve spiritual freedom? Whatever.

Jaguar's longest-running nameplate going all-electric isn't surprising, but it can only be good news for the British luxury brand, which could use a win. The current XJ made waves with its controversial styling, but that was nearly a decade ago. Thereafter, it never gained enough attention in America from wealthy buyers who'd otherwise buy a BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class or even Porsche Panamera. Basically, what the Tesla Model S was able to achieve with distinctive styling, and of course, an all-electric powertrain. Plus, unlike the recently introduced Porsche Taycan, an all-electric Jaguar XJ should offer space more on par with Tesla's big sedan/saloon/hatchback. 

AutoExpress also indicates in its story that the new XJ will still be built in England, as will its batteries. There will apparently be a new battery-producing facility opening in 2020 with the goal of producing enough batteries for as many as 150,000 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles per year. 

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