Watch the Porsche Taycan go 0-90-0 mph on the USS Hornet

Accomplished in 10.17 seconds

A handful of Porsche Taycan prototypes, which preview Porsche's first fully electric production car release, have been busier than Rich Energy's legal team in recent months. It's been spotted cruising public roads around the world, it's been gunning for track records, and it's been put under the duress of its first automotive journalist. All this while still continuing development, as it inches closer to its impending debut. In a stunt to display the Taycan's performance, Porsche has released a video of the four-door electric sports car going 0-90-0 mph on top of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

We know a few specs for the Taycan already: 800 volts, more than 600 horsepower, 0-62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds, 155-mph top speed, and we've seen it launched repeatedly. In this new footage, Porsche provides a new measure of the car's capabilities. Wearing carbon ceramic brakes, and with pro driver Shea Holbrook behind the wheel, the Taycan speeds from a standstill to 90.58 mph in 422 feet and back down to zero mph in 10.17 seconds.

This entire run was done on top of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, which has a 869-foot flight deck. This is the ship that was used to retrieve astronauts from the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 moon missions. 

Of the peculiar metric and demonstration, Taycan Vice President of Product Line Stefan Weckbach said this: “While this isn’t a usual metric we use to benchmark the performance of the Taycan and rather some kind of fun testing than a completely serious one, it’s quite a fitting way to demonstrate the power of the car as it nears the end of its development."

We'll know full details and specifications about the Taycan when it debuts in a few days on September 4, 2019. 

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