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Porsche teases 718 Boxster Spyder: 'A storm is coming'

A full debut is imminent

A Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder is coming. We've known for quite some time, as some of our spy shots of the impending model date back to late 2017. But as summer 2019 breaks, an official release date is finally nearing, indicated by a new teaser dropped on the Porsche Facebook page.

Porsche released a 15-second teaser clip that asks, "Are you ready? A storm is coming." It also adds the tagline, "perfectly irrational." Beyond that, the short video above doesn't give much away. The opening shot shows the car in the distance behind heavy greenery cover. A couple quick flashes of road driving give an extremely minor view of the front and the side of the car with the top down.

If we're to go off of the Spyder's history, the upcoming car should be lighter and more powerful than the Boxster. Rumors suggest it could use a flat-six engine (as did the previous example), either the 3.8-liter or the 4.0-liter. But it's still technically possible it could go with an uprated turbocharged flat-four.

We'll have more information soon, and we'll update this space when we have official information.

Porsche 718 Boxster Information

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