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Byton says this is the production interior for the M-Byte

The extra-wide screen gets the green light

Byton shocked the world with its concept car at the 2018 CES. The interior was most surprising, and it looks like the same general design is definitely sticking around for the production car. We had a feeling this was coming, but the official news comes via an announcement and photo from Byton.

Apparently, this design we're looking at right here is meant to be the production interior for the M-Byte. Even today, this 48-inch screen is absolutely jaw-dropping. Combined with the seven-inch steering wheel screen and eight-inch tablet-like device extending from the center armrest, this car really does look like the ultimate tech paradise, if that's your thing.

As for actual details about what the screens all do, we're still left in the dark. From the photos, they look like your normal car controls and infotainment centers. The giant 48-inch screen that sprawls across the whole dash displays traditional instrument cluster info, navigation and media selection. No surprises here, but it sure is elegant in doing its job. That eight-inch vertical screen at your fingertips appears to be where all the climate control functions live. We imagine any seat controls related to heating or cooling will be controllable via this area, too. The steering wheel screen is still a bit befuddling, but Byton says the airbag is contained in the section below the screen. We noticed the size and shape of the buttons on the steering wheel have changed over time, taking on a more production look. Everything is very similar to what Byton previewed at CES this year with a car they considered to be close to production.

Byton hopes to begin selling the M-Byte in the U.S. and Europe sometime in 2020. We'll be following along with interest to see if the Chinese company is able to hit that goal.

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