BMW M8 gets even more M with new M Performance Parts

Carbon fiber galore and some racy brake brake pads

BMW M8 M Performance Parts
BMW M8 M Performance Parts / Image Credit: BMW
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The BMW M8 and M8 Competition models have arrived, but apparently those aren't M enough. To properly M-ify your six-figure BMW, there are some additional M parts you'll need that BMW so kindly released today. Of course, you don't need any of them, but we still think they're pretty cool.

Some carbon fiber bits start us off, with the lightweight material being offered for sill attachments and the kidney grille surround. Then, BMW offers a legitimate performance upgrade with M Performance sport brake pads. We'd assume the M8 and M8 Convertible would already have some pretty racy brake pads, but these are apparently better. BMW says they offer shorter braking distances, improved response and can withstand higher temperatures. They're apparently "derived directly from the BMW Motorsport long-distance racing pads." Our question is, will they make your BMW sound like a big yellow school bus while rolling through town? If so, alright, because race car.

A fancy M Performance Pro steering wheel will also be available to purchase. It looks more aggressive than the standard wheel with the carbon fiber inlays and carbon fiber shift paddles around back. You get a big blue stripe to mark dead center on the top, but it appears to have lost the button to turn on the heated steering wheel. Cold hands it is.

The last "part" offered is an M Performance car cover, but why put the M8 away when you could be driving it? All these parts will be available to purchase when the M8, M8 Convertible and their respective Competition models are launched later this year.

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