Mercedes-Benz, Matchbox create toy car to shatter stereotypes, inspire girls

It tells rally champ Ewy Rosqvist's story: 'They said I could never finish. So I finished first'

In reaction to studies revealing how gender stereotypes develop in children early on, in part due to the way toys are marketed, Mercedes-Benz and Mattel teamed up to create a toy to change that. The companies settled on a die-cast Matchbox car of a Mercedes-Benz 220SE, which was driven to victory at the 1962 Argentina Grand Prix rally race by three-time European rally champion Ewy Rosqvist.

Examples of the little Merc are going to be given away for free to young girls through an as-yet-unnamed nonprofit group. Mercedes says there are signs that the program could have an effect, since they tested girls' thoughts about the toy. The girls felt the car was a boy's toy, but they start to change their minds after watching the video about Rosqvist that's shown above, and hearing her say, "'They said I could never finish. So I finished first."

You can see some of the kids' reactions in the video below. And you may find yourself with a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye:

Lucky for all of us, the little die-cast Mercedes will be available for purchase like any other Matchbox toy next year. And proceeds from sales will go to provide more free cars and teaching materials for the nonprofit group to hand out. So it's a win-win for everyone of all ages and genders.

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