Nissan's building an Ultimate Titan for the National Parks Foundation

Celebrates Earth Day and National Park Week

Nissan is about to paint another mechanical picture using the Titan full-sized pickup as a canvas. We only get a teaser sketch of what will be next in the Ultimate Titan line of trucks with dedicated purposes. This one has been designed to serve the National Parks Foundation (NPF), the official charity of the National Park Service. This is another way Nissan's highlighting U.S. parks this year. In February, Nissan matched NPF donations 2-to-1 to help restore the protected landscapes after the government shutdown.

Last October the carmaker created the Ultimate Service Titan to help the Red Cross. That was based on a Titan XD Midnight Edition Crew Cab, replacing the bed with a climate-controlled Lightweight Bed Box from B&S Customizing. Last month Nissan unveiled the Ultimate Work Titan, a rig for the home-building work carried out by Habitat for Humanity. That also started with the Titan XD Midnight Crew Cab Edition with a custom desk and file storage system in the back seat of the cab, and a traditional bed holding a lockable storage system, tools, and a ladder rack.

Our guess is that the National Parks truck will once again enlist the Titan XD Midnight Crew Cab Edition. The rear section's been done up like a public utilities truck in the sketch, with seven lockable storage quarters on the side we can see. It looks like there's an air compressor in the bed and a tent up top, plus a light bar on the roof rack. Nissan hasn't said when we'll see the final product, but since the truck is a shout-out to Earth Day and National Park Week, we shouldn't be waiting long.

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