Supreme Hot Wheels 1992 BMW M3 expectedly sold out quickly

Re-sellers are looking for $100-plus

Streetwear has officially gone automotive. After motorsports-inspired checkered clothing became a trend, and following John Elliott's Air Force 1-inspired Lexus UX tires, the skateboarding clothing brand and marketing phenomenon Supreme cashed in on every car enthusiast's favorite toys: Hot Wheels. The global streetwear brand released an exclusive collaboration with the brand that features a Fleet Flyer carrying a 1992 BMW M3.

We first got a glimpse of the Hot Wheels accessory from Supreme's Spring/Summer 2019 preview. Listed among other items such as a Super Soaker, a McDermott pool cue, a diamond-plated Zippo, Band Aids (seriously), and a Pearl drum set, the toy was priced at $30.

Supreme Hot Wheels 1993 BMW M3 and Fleet Flyer

We say was, because it became one of the most hyped items on the menu and quickly sold out as soon as it was dropped this week. That's the magic of the red and white box logo. Both the car and the hauler wear the branding across their sides, and the truck has it on the top of its box. The M3 also has a custom license plate.

Proving Supreme's hyped-up reputation true, the toy is already listed for resale across the internet for significant price increases. StockX, which is a stock market of sorts for streetwear and sneakers, lists the lowest asking price as of this writing at $110. Greedier individuals on eBay are selling for $160, $175, up to $215.

If you're into the idea of the Hot Wheels M3, but don't like the Supreme hype or gaudy design, you're in luck. You can buy a Hot Wheels 1992 BMW M3 for $2.99.

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