These miniature versions of popular vehicles are great gifts for kids

You never forget your first car

These miniature versions of popular vehicles are great for your little ones.

1. Folding mirrors and chrome detailing add some authenticity and style to this mini-Mustang.

Rollplay 6V Ford Mustang
Purchase here at Target - $199.99

2. This ride-on toy has working lights, honks, plays music, and makes real engine noises.

Rollplay 6V Chevy Silverado
Purchase here at Target - $178.99

3. A great vehicle for an "off-road" racing adventure. Holds up to 130 LBS.

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler
Purchase here at Target - $249.99

4. A battery-powered ride capable of 2.5 MPH in forward and reverse.

Rollplay 6V Mercedes GL
Purchase here at Target - $199.99

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