Toyota 86 British Green Limited: Bring it here, please

Special edition for Toyota Japan proves again everything is better in British Racing Green

Toyota 86 British Green Limited
Toyota 86 British Green Limited / Image Credit: Toyota
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British Racing Green makes nearly everything better in the automotive world, even a small, Japanese sports car. Despite being about 6,000 miles away from Great Britain, Japan is channeling the British spirit with the Toyota 86 British Green Limited special edition.

Be it a Toyota or a Scion, the 86/FR-S has never been offered with a green paint option. We think that should've changed a long time ago after laying eyes on this beauty for the first time. It's obviously no Bentley or Jaguar, but we're universally smitten with the exterior spec of this special edition 86. The paint is only part of the deal here, too. There are bronze wheels unique to this 86, which set the green paint off just right. Hiding inside those bronze wheels are red Brembo brake calipers that look equally as nice. The optional (in the U.S.) Sachs dampers are standard equipment on this model, and a black trunk spoiler with green winglets ties the look together in the rear.

Luxury and curiosity abound inside this 86, too. Dark tan and black seats are made with a combination of leatherette and Alcantara inserts. Contrast stitching in both colors is used on the steering wheel, shift boot, parking brake handle, dash and the seats themselves. Perhaps most surprising about the center stack is the black panel where the infotainment screen traditionally sits. The 86 is already a car for driving purists, but an infotainment delete just takes it one step further. There are next to no new vehicles sold in the United States that don't have some type of display taking up that space. It's a back-to-basics driving experience, but it also feels silly to eliminate the infotainment system in a car that's a capable daily driver.

We wish we could tell you that this car, or at least the color, will be sold in the United States. Unfortunately, Toyota has confirmed it is "only available in Japan at this time." That's unfortunate, but perhaps if we keep pestering them, they'll change their minds. Or at the very least, offer it on the new Supra. Now that's an idea.

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