Heartbroken man plows his Yaris into Toronto Porsche dealership

Love makes you do crazy things

An apparently lovesick man reacted to being dumped by his girlfriend by deliberately crashing his recently purchased Toyota Yaris sedan into the window of a Porsche dealership in downtown Toronto, damaging several vehicles from the impact of the crash and defacing at least one other car with graffiti. Because, love.

No one was injured in the incident, which took place Monday night. After the man crashed into the window, he revved the engine and spun the tires hard enough to fill the showroom with smoke, CityNews reports. He then reportedly walked over to a yellow 718 Cayman where he used a black marker to scrawl the name "eve" in all-lowercase letters. After an employee who was in the building at the time asked the man what he was doing, he replied, "I'm just having a bad day."

The Star reports police arrested Rakhmatullo Sotvoldiyev, 20, of Toronto, on charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, two counts of mischief causing damage over $5,000 and one count of mischief causing damage under $5,000. Police estimate he caused as much as $75,000 in damage to the cars themselves and perhaps $20,000 to the store.

"It seems to be motivated by his recent relationship breakup," police Staff Sgt. Dan Hoffmeyer told the paper. "After he drove in, he exited his vehicle and did some graffiti on some Porsches he didn't hit. Some of the graffiti he put on cars was in relation to that. 'I'll show you' — I don't know what he intended to show this person."

Sotvoldiyev was reportedly held at the scene by a cleaner and a security guard who were in the building at the time until police arrived. Which wasn't long, as the dealership is around the corner from a police division HQ. As such, police suspect that damaging the dealership, or a few expensive new Porsches, may not have been the man's ultimate goal.

"It's literally around the corner from our station. Two hundred feet, maybe," Hoffmeyer told The Star. "I believe his whole motivation was to spend some time with the police. I think he wanted to make a statement, and he wanted to spend time here with us. So he chose to do that."

If so, mission accomplished.

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