Unboxing the Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set

One of the best driving games rockets from the screen to reality

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How's it going, everybody? I'm Amr, and today we have a special unboxing in the studio. Mattel sent us this Rocket League Hot Wheels RC Rivals Set. Mattel and Psyonix joined forces — I'm sure you know Psyonix, they're the ones behind the insanely addictive Rocket League video games where the physics don't make sense whatsoever, but we don't care because we love it. And of course guys, toys.

Off-screen: Toys!

Amr: Yeah! Right there. Toys, toys, toys, toys, toys!

Amr: So the two have joined forced to bring us this: A "live action" version of the game. Now why did I put "live action in quotes" ... way too many quotes. It's because it's not gonna be exactly like the game. You won't be jumping or flying in the air, making sweet moves with an explosive goal, but hopefully, it's close. And we kept it in its shipping package just to share the experience of opening up with you guys.
That's enough talking, let's unbox.

Amr: We got two. We did not expect this at all. We did not think Mattel was gonna send us two Rival Sets to play around with. So Erik, our audio tech right now, bet his paycheck that it won't be two in the box. And I had a feeling that it was going to be two in the box, and we got two. Erik, I need your paycheck buddy.

Erik: Mattel, we're not cool.

Amr: So they're pretty much the same box, but let's look at one for now. Oh wow. Love the colors, love everything. You've got Rocket League right in the front, the logo, you've got Hot Wheels at the bottom right. You've got an exclusive in-game DLC that I'm gonna talk about in a second. You have the ball. You have the Octane rocking out the blue color, and you have the Dominus in the fiery orange color. Looks amazing, especially the box. The box looks great. I love the 8+ rating, but we're in our 20s and 30s. We're gonna have so much fun with this.

Amr: So the DLC package includes exclusive in-game items. There's a Hot Wheels goal explosion, a new RC Rivals Octane and Dominus decals, and an RC Rivals topper. So it will look like just having a miniature Hot Wheels set on the roof of your ride. Man, I'm kind of speechless a little bit because this is ... Rocket League is my favorite video game ever, and I play it on a daily basis. So seeing this up close and personal and seeing the cars is kind of like, I'm starstruck a bit. So enough of the front. Let's turn it around.

Amr: Ah man. Even the back is very colorful. I love that you can actually do it as a single player or a multiplayer. I did not expect the single player. So let's read the back real quick. It says "bring the Rocket League game to life! Smart-device control cars go head to head, combining the explosive action of the Rocket League game with the high-speed maneuvers of Hot Wheels cars." We're gonna see how high-speed it is.

Amr: So the cars can be operated by connecting it to any smart device with the help of an app of course, that you can get at the App Store or Google Play. So what's included in the box are two of the most popular vehicles in the Rocket League game, the Octane and the Dominus, and an arena, the ball and of course the charging station.

Amr: Alright, so let's get our hands on this thing because I'm really excited right now.

Amr: Oh dude. Let's just move this real quick. Oh boy. Oh OK, so the ball comes in two pieces. Oh, so the ball is not chargeable at all. It's just a ball. So the ball comes in two halves, I'm assuming you connect them. There we go. It feels like a whiffle ball but without the holes in it. It's a bit heavier, but I'm also a bit worried too, because if this thing breaks, you're kind of screwed. You kind of have to get a new one. That was kind of scary. Alright, let's do it on a flat surface over here. Well it didn't break, so that's a good thing.

Amr: It is actually pretty awesome what they did here. Instead of having those weird things that you twist, you've just gotta unlock it by a single turn of the handle and it comes right off. That's actually really awesome. That's actually a very great idea. Got the batteries. That's actually pretty cool that they included it with it, instead of other companies that don't do that. What is this right here? I'm guessing this is the corners for the arena. There's so many bits and pieces in this thing. It might take a while for us to kind of build this. Don't need this box.

Amr: So these things right here. Not sure what you can call them. They look like mouth guards, but they're not. So this is basically the ball pusher thingy, and the way that you snap it on there, is if you look in front of the vehicles there's this hole right here and all you gotta do is just push it on there, and it just snaps right in. And I guess you can call this the scoop of the car that actually moves the ball around.

Amr: Dude. There we go. Open this. Wow, this is going to be big. Okay. Oh god, this is... what? This is way bigger than I thought. This is way bigger than I expected. Alright guys, this arena is way bigger than our table. We'll have to go find a different place to actually set this up.

Amr: Guys. We got a new room. Let's set this thing up. For assembly instructions, we gotta download the app and it will show us how to put this arena together. I used two phones, an Android and an iPhone, to locate the Hot Wheels Rocket League app. I was able to find it really quickly on the iPhone, but was having no luck locating it on the Android phone. We ended up changing locations again and decided to place the arena on the floor back in the studio.

Amr: Alright guys, we have finally set up the arena, and I can't wait to play it. I got Erik with me here. And Erik, what car are you gonna be using?

Erik: I am for sure going Octane. That's my favorite one. I use it in the video game. Planning on using it here, and I'm planning on beating you with it.

Amr: That's fine. Just keep talking. Keep talking. I'm gonna use the Dominus, and one thing that's actually crossed my mind, that's actually pretty cool is that I love the fact that I can interact with Erik face to face. Now that we have everything that's in front of us right now, what do you think of this whole arena look?

Erik: I mean, it's pretty cool looking. It's definitely a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The materials all seem relatively sturdy so far, but I think before we get too far into how everything is, we've obviously gotta play it.

Amr: Absolutely. I agree.

Erik: Here you go.

Amr: Alright sweet.

Off-screen: So wait the ball doesn't just drop in as you do it?

Erik: Unfortunately the ball does not drop in magically.

Amr: As soon as you turn on the cars, the back starts lighting up, and I got the orange back of course. So the reason why we have our phones out is you can only operate these vehicles through Bluetooth and through the app.

Erik: It did pick up the signal as soon as I flipped the car on. It was very quick. It's a very easy interface to use, it seems like. Literally, you just tap on whatever car you want to use, and you hit confirm. Oh, there's an update ready for your car. How nice.

Amr: Updating car? To what? Are they gonna fly?

Amr: So, now we gotta select our own vehicles. It will only pop up two. It won't be more than that. Once you select your vehicle, it literally, it's actually pretty cool. Because now you have different choices from multiplayer to challenges, and you see the car that you're gonna be using.

Erik: The interface for the app, it actually looks pretty obviously heavily inspired by the actual video game homepage interface when you start up the game. It gives you a couple options, gives you challenge, I guess that's a game mode, we'll have to look more into it. Multiplayer, which is what I'll be beating Amr at today.

Amr: Sure.

Erik: Garage and profile. So I guess you can kind of edit your own profile, and customize your car.

Amr: Join game. Create game.

Erik: So you go ahead and create the game. It gives you an option to create or join a game. So you go ahead and create and I'll join yours.

Amr: Okay. Time, five minutes, just like the normal game.

Erik: Yep.

Amr: I see your car. So his car popped up on top, and mine's at the bottom.

Erik: Okay. It gives you the option to ready up.

Amr: Ready?

Erik: I'm ready.

Amr: Let's start the game. Oh man, it pops up orange versus blue. Oh wow, so I see my boost.

Erik: Alright, three, two, one. There's a countdown.

Erik: Calculated.

Amr: It says go again so we gotta reset.

Erik: You have to reset it. So I'm gonna ... oh boy.

Amr: Oh that's the boost.

Erik: I was gonna just say we gotta try the boost. That is clearly-

Amr: This is not that hard. Oh reverse shot, there we go. Oh OK, my car flipped.

Erik: Oh no. Down. Oh boy. Alright. This is great because it's like Rocket League and Battle Bots all in one.

Amr: Not again.

Erik: Goal!

Off-screen: So both of these goals have been pretty weak, I've gotta say.

Amr: Go.

Erik: Oh man.

Amr: No, no, no. Oh man. I am bad at these controls.

Erik: Yeah, so what's interesting is. ... There we go. First of all, I'm noticing that whenever I score, it seems like one of my back tires just goes crazy, and I can't stop that from happening. So I'm not sure if that's maybe a bug, some kind of Bluetooth interference.

Amr: I think it's possibly just like in the video game when you score, it does the explosion. Everybody flies away from the goal.

Erik: Yeah.

Amr: So that would be the same. Well, let me score. Let me score one time and see what happens.

Erik: Alright. Let's see. Gonna get out of your way dude.

Off-screen: Don't let him score.

Amr: Yeah.

Erik: Yeah. Okay. There we go.

Amr: Oh.

Erik: Oh, so you're doing way ... so I was having some trouble with the controls because on the interface here, if you can see through the camera, the 'go forward and go backward' on the app is actually on the left, and turning left and right is actually on the right. Now, for anybody who's ever played the actual game, you're gonna know instantly that, that's reversed from how it is in the actual game. You use the joystick to turn, that's on the left side of the controller, and you go forward and backwards on the right side of the controller.

Erik: Actually you do go backwards with the left trigger, but my point still stands. Everybody good? Back to the video.

Erik: Particularly the boost, at least on the Xbox. Go is the right trigger, so still on the right side. So I am having some difficulty with that. Now, we went into the settings and you can change it between the directional buttons to a joystick type set up, and that's a little better I suppose but I think there's gotta be ... there's gotta be a better way. So the controls are just okay so far.

Amr: Oh that's not bad actually with the joy stick.

Erik: Yeah. It is pretty unruly.

Amr: Oh, I'm gonna score again. Yeah.

Erik: I do have to say, it's very impressive how reminiscent of the actual Rocket League game this app is. It's pretty cool.

Amr: Whoa, did not expect that.

Erik: So, you know what? As we're doing it. Oh, that's calculated. That's calculated all day. You saw it, you saw it, you saw it. You saw it. Calculated.

Amr: So, I'm trying the joystick right now while Erik is using the ...

Erik: Yeah, I'm using the directional controls.

Amr: Directional controls. Alright I'm going to start the game. Ready?

Erik: Let's go. Three, two, one.

Amr: Oh, what go-

Erik: Alright, here we go. Oh boy.

Amr: Defense, oh no.

Erik: Oh baby. That's a goal. Get your wheelie. There we go. Wow.

Amr: No.

Erik: Yup.

Amr: It got stuck. It got stuck.

Erik: Well, you know?

Amr: Come on.

Erik: Sometimes stuff happens.

Amr: OK, I really ... I kinda really like this because I can see Erik face to face.

Erik: Yeah, this is definitely the way to go. If you're gonna be playing this game at home, you don't want to do what we were originally doing. This is much better.

Amr: Way, way better.

Erik: For sure. Face to face.

Amr: And that way I can cuss at you very easily instead of typing it in.

Erik: So I am noticing that a couple face-offs, I have had some lag on my controller here. I don't know if that's just because we're currently in the Autoblog office. Maybe there's some interference. There's a lot going on here. Oh, you're just playing defense? Not today!

Amr: Oh that was so good. The joystick control, no!

Erik: Money!

Amr: What?

Erik: Yep.

Amr: Gotta block it. Wouldn't that be a sweet block?

Erik: I will say I do wish you could turn that little spinny thing off. (you can)

Amr: Really?

Erik: Like we get it.

Amr: I kind of like it. It's like a showoff. It's like ha-ha you suck.

Amr: A big part of the Rocket League video game is customizing the vehicles, so hopefully down the line Mattel will give us the option of customizing these vehicles with different body work and decals.

Amr: Thank you for watching, guys. Check the description below for links on how to get your very own Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set.

Erik: And if you like this video, don't forget to subscribe to the channel, hit the like button, and click the notification bell to make sure you get notified every time we release a new video. That's gonna be very important because I'm actually gonna be doing a more in-depth review of this coming up soon, but until next time, I'm Erik.

Amr: I'm Amr.

Erik: Thanks for watching.

Amr: Everybody dance.

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