Ferrari SP3JC one-off channels vintage roadsters with a color-wheel twist

Could preview look of 812 Superfast convertible

Ferrari SP3JC
Ferrari SP3JC / Image Credit: Ferrari
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Not long after we posted on rumors of a Ferrari 812 Spider, we get this, the Ferrari SP3JC. This is no 812 Superfast, though, it's a one-off commission based on running gear from the limited edition F12 TDF. John Collins, owner of classic Ferrari dealer Talacrest in the UK, provided the dream, the funds, and therefore the "JC" in the open-top's name. We'll assume this being Ferrari's third Special Project this year contributed the rest of the alphanumeric. Collins said the project took 3.5 years from dream to completion, and Ferrari said the design process consumed two of them.

While there have been at least six special editions and commissions based off the F12, this is the first one-off to use the F12 TDF. The Italians say the SP3JC is "designed to pay homage to company's classic 1950s and 1960s roadsters." A much wider power bulge in the hood falls all the way into the grille of the redrawn front fascia. New vents appear at the corners of the bumper. Above, instead of the F12 TDF's small hood vents, two large, transparent panels provide views of the 6.3-liter V12.

At the side, instead of the modern rising fender line from front wheel to cowl, the fender descends on its way rearward akin to Ferraris of old. The redrawn panels move the donor car's vent to above the rocker panel, and erases the three vents over the rear wheels. In back, 812 Superfast taillights preside over a layered fascia with three full-width vents and a jutting diffuser. The 812 Superfast also donated its wheels.

Roll hoops stand guard behind the seats. According to a poster on Ferrari Chat, the SP3JC doesn't come with a roof.

About that paint scheme: There were plenty of vibrantly hued classic Ferraris, but we don't know of any that put so many hues on one body. Ferrari says the mashup here was inspired by Collins' "passion for Pop Art." Bianco Italia mixes with Azzuro Met and Giallo Modena, right down to the yellow pinstripes on the wheels and the matching blue and white leather inside.

Personally, we'd rather jump off with the F12 TRS when imagining what an 812 Superfast Spider could look like, but this is probably a better place to start.

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