Porsche brings 10 restored 986 Boxsters to UK classics show

Will the first-generation Boxster start gaining value soon?

Porsche Classic NEC
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Currently, the first-generation Porsche Boxster, dubbed 986, is one of the cheapest Porsches one can buy. Far from the strong prices 993 generation 911s bring, and markedly cheaper than the similar-looking 996 911s, the driveable and enjoyable 986 can be had for a few thousand. Perusing classified ads always makes one wonder whether a cheap and cheerful 986 from the late 1990s would really be such a bad idea. Surely it won't be a money pit if nothing is repaired?

Indeed, there is the IMS bearing to think about, and the fried egg headlights, and the slightly cheap-looking interior, and ... Well, there are several reasons why the 986 generation cars are as affordable to buy as they are (having been sold in much greater numbers than prior Porsches is another factor). But Porsche itself, a manufacturer that is certainly aware just how much money it currently takes for some of its 1990s models to change hands, is focusing the limelight back on the 986. At a classic car show held at the Birmingham NEC this weekend, Porsche UK is displaying not one but 10 first-generation Boxsters to mark Porsche's 70-year celebration and the already-advanced age of the 986.

The Boxsters are part of a 20-car restoration collection overhauled by various UK Porsche specialists, and the restored cars will also eventually be sold to customers. As well as the 10 first-generation Boxster models, there are 10 other restored Porsches on display, ranging from air-cooled 964 generation 911s to transaxle models such as the 928. But the Porsche-headed Boxster revival is certainly a thing of note, as the cars, painted in the 918 Liquid Metal silver and featuring bespoke interiors, black throwing-star wheels and Porsche Classic parts, are a conscious effort by Porsche to steer the 986 back into being an object of desire instead of being the cheapest Porsche you can get. Perhaps that will also be reflected in the model's market value in the coming years – right now, it's unlikely to get any lower.

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