Porsche 993 Project Gold one-of-one auctioned for more than $3 million

Most of the sum goes to charity

The newest 993-generation Porsche 911 was unveiled earlier this year at the Rennsport Reunion. That's right, the 993: Porsche built a brand new restomod 993 out of a spare bodyshell that had spent decades hanging around its premises, making it into pretty much the ultimate version of that generation car.

Unlike regular production 993s built in the 1990s, "Project Gold", Porsche's 70th birthday present to itself, took a year and a half to finish; it features some 6,500 Porsche Classic division parts and a brand new 450-horsepower Turbo engine, as well as the Golden Yellow Metallic picked from the new 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. There are a number of exclusive parts and details in the car, as well as a one-of-one plaque proudly mounted on the dashboard.

And thanks to its hand-stamped chassis number being one digit off the last series-produced 993 from 1993, the car can be seen as a 1998 vehicle and a new car at the same time, which makes getting it street legal challenging at least. Shame, since that all-wheel-drive, turbocharged car with a six-speed manual must be an absolute treat to drive — now it's strictly a track-only car, if it will not become a static display piece due to its uniqueness.

Nevertheless, the car was auctioned for a princely sum this past weekend. When the auction hammer came down at the RM Sotheby's event held at Atlanta's Porsche Experience Centre, the final price stood at 2.743.500 Euros, or $3.12 million. The net proceeds, some $2.95 million, will go into charity. A good reminder is that a 1998 911 Turbo S cost $150,000 new in the U.S — Project Gold brought in about twenty times as much, even if it mustn't have come cheap to create.

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